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Posted on January 10, 2011 at 5:12 AM

Well hi yall


I have been relaxing most of the holidays and have enjoyed it. I installed the new processor and everything is now running smoothly however. When I came to install Sony Vegas it decided to play awkward buggers with me so I hade to restart editing on the ascendant.


It gets worse the footage I had and the footage with the new processor is scrambled so I have to restart from scratch. I believed that a good movie was better than a late one and since I am not hounded for it I am not so bothered. I will be working on it but I cannot promise a deadline.


This 2nd version of the ascendant part 2 is going to be better in that I have used more advanced tools using NPC’s and the footage is smother and better looking.


Anyways that’s what’s been happening. Hope you all had good holidays and we shall see what 2010 brings

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