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OOOOoooo a New Video Series ?

Posted on February 3, 2011 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone


Well here I am again making another blog that no one may read. O well I don’t care, anyways on to other matters. I have been really busy with college lately so nothing to report on the video front other than I have a idea for a new series that is not related to the ascendant and follows the story of life after the combine (when Gordon freeman did whatever he is going to do in episode 3) so ill keep everyone updated on that.


This video series is still in planning stages and is at the point where it may go ahead and be made or it may be scrapped as an idea (comments are welcome on the matter).


The story goes following the journey of a man along the deserts of earth in ~2050 and finds a device that allows him to create audio logs. These logs detail the history of the half life universe from the black mesa incident to the combine leaving earth (my bit I had to come up with) . That is the basic story I have planned so far and it will be like one of those Machinima’s like VAE Victus (if you have not seen it, do so now, it’s worth watching)


So that’s just about it, again comments are welcome and…. Oh.. I almost forgot. The sales for products are on hold for a while until I can figure things out.


That’s all I have to say other than stay on the dark side!

DPM out.

New album yet still ill

Posted on September 20, 2010 at 4:29 AM Comments comments (0)

If you have read the last blog post you will know that I was unwell, this is still the case and it’s been affecting all aspects of life. However I have had the time to finish off more tracks and can now put them together as one album.



This work includes “Electrical Purity” and “Charged House” which can be viewed in this very website. There will be tracks that will not have been heard like "Lifted Burden" and my new favourite "Signals From Below" so keep up-to-date as will cover this topic again. It has been Fun making these tracks and when they come to be released I am sure you will enjoy listening to them.


As for the ascendant part 2 working is moving very slowly but it is moving as I have now done one of the hardest parts which included a korma key (green screen) and a lot of fine tuning to look right. however to make up for this I am now just needing to do recording and editing that is more simple and hopefully I will be feeling better soon so I can start working on it more.


That’s about it I suppose

Thanks for reading


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