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Here you will find all the questions you will most likely ask when you visit this website. Send me a private message if you have any suggestions for this FAQ


The website

  1. What is this website

    This is a website that is the central hub of infomation for people who want to know about the media i create (music and gmod videos).

  2. Why is it called "The Dark Furit Patch"

    My username is used almost every where so I decided to set up a group based on the name. The Name just popped into my head and I have not yet found anything that’s better to replace it.

  3. What is "Freewebs" thats on the web adress

    It is the website that hosts this website. I get free hosting and they get to put there name and ads in it. I may upgrade when the site gets more popular.

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  1. Who are you?

    I am Dark Pineapple Man and I create music and Gmod Machinima (Google it if you don’t know what it means). I also create music and some other media that is viewable on this site

  2. What Machinima have you made (will be updated when needed)

    I have released A Gmod Machinima called "The Asendant Part 1" and i am currently working on part 2. You can find The Asendant Part 1 in the videos section.

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  1. What is Gmod Machinima?

    Firstly GMod is a Half Life 2 Mod (Google it) which allows people to use props and stuff to have fun (a sandbox game). However because of the tools available, many people can make movies on it using the props and ragdolls.



    Machnima is a movie made out of a game. It’s hard to explain so id advise you to look it up.

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